5 Health Benefits of Sourdough

‘Sourdough’ mainly just a bread with flour, salt & water however, the art of sourdough is in the traditionally time-consuming fermentation process. Just like fine wine, sourdoughs are an age-old testament with an authentic preparation method requiring time, precision, real ingredients & patience. 
However, it is in the recent times wherein sourdough breads and sourdough pizzas have gained popularity based upon the numerous health benefits it results that are scientifically validated. Indulge not just in the authenticity or its iconic tanginess, but also the nutritional value of sourdough: 

1. The Starter: Powerhouse of Probiotics 

At the very core of sourdough’s existence is the ‘starter’ itself which a source of probiotics that is clinically known to aid in digestion, improve metabolism, support gut health and enhance nutrient absorption. The probiotics present in sourdough are there in its time-focused fermentation process. It is the sourdough starter & the fermentation process responsible for its iconic tangy-tart flavour profiles and texture. 

2. Natural Sourdough – Natural Source of Nutrients 

The artisanal sourdough baking is an ode to natural goodness paired with a generously high nutrition profile. Whether it’s a wholesome sourdough bread or a sourdough pizza, it is power packed in essential nutrients in comparison to refined flour bakery products. Sourdough is known to be a potent source of antioxidants, fibre, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, zinc, calcium & sodium. 

3. Low in Phytates, High in Nutrient Absorption 

Phytate is a compound naturally present in wholegrain & legumes which inhibit nutrient absorption. However, during artisanal sourdough baking, the fermentation process breakdown phytic acid thereby making sourdough low in phytate, resulting in enhanced nutrient absorption and improved nutrient bioavailability in the body. 

4. The Original Sourdough and its Mind-Body Connection 

Our gut is known to be the ‘second brain’ of our body. And it is scientifically proven that a healthy gut has a positive impact in mood and reduces anxiety. Since sourdough has properties to improve gut health, it can also have an effect on a certain level towards wellness, mood and positive mental health. 

5. Sourdough-liciousness & Healthiness! 

The authentic and real sourdough have also multiple research-based validations that show numerous health benefits like controlling blood glucose levels, antioxidant properties, inducing satiety (feeling of fullness), aid in weight management, provides stable energy and improves vitamin & mineral absorption. 

Authentic Sourdough and SwissBake® 
When it comes to choosing the best for your health, sourdough as a bread is not just remarkable in flavour but also a host of nutritional advantages. Whether you opt for a classic sourdough bread mix, a versatile sourdough premix, aromatic sourdough pizza base or venture into the world of dehydrated sourdough starter, SwissBake® brings you the authentic goodness of natural sourdough and caters to the needs of artisanal sourdough baking! Click to know more...