What other products can I make from this mix ?
SwissBake® Egg Free Vanilla muffin mix can be used to make various types of vanilla muffins (with additional berries, nuts or fillings) and rich and moist Eggless Vanilla Tea time cake.
What is the shelf life of the muffins after baking ?
SwissBake® Eggless Veg Vanilla Muffin mix does not have any preservatives or chemicals used to extend the shelf life of the mix or the baked products. If made and kept under hygienic conditions the muffin can be stored at room temperature (22ºC-27ºC) for upto 2 days. It can be wrapped and stored under refrigeration for 6-8 days.
Can I use butter instead of oil in my muffins ?
Yes, you can use melted unsalted butter in the same ratio as oil while making Eggless rich and moist Vanilla muffins using SwissBake® Veg Crème Muffin Mix. Muffins made with butter have enhanced flavour profile and rich butter taste.