Convenient mix to prepare Panettone, a typical Christmas cake served around the world.

Having originated from Milan, Panettone is the perfect Italian style sweet bread loaf that is typically served around the world during the festive season. Preparing this authentic delicious buttery treat requires significant prior planning as well as a unique kind of Italian sweet starter that is prepared by feeding the starter for a period of at least 3 to 5 days at regular intervals. Understanding the complexity behind the process of preparing an authentic Panettone and with an aiming to simplify the same for the purpose of commercial baking, SwissBake® has formulated this unique blended mixture especially for professional bakers/chefs. Our unique mix uses dried sour dough ferment which not only reduces fermentation time but also provides the same authentic taste and texture to this holiday treat. 
SwissBake® Panettone Mix is a complete mix to prepare traditional Italian sweet bread that is mildly sweet, rich and buttery in taste and has a unique light and airy textured crumb. You can totally rely on this mix to deliver consistent results every time you bake this festive delicacy.

This convenient mix also enables you to create your own signature variation by adding your choice of ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts and fruits. Enhance your product offering and delight your customers this holiday & festive season by offering them this perfect Italian styled sweet bread. 


+ Reduced preparation time

+ Original Italian sour dough

+ Delicious rich buttery taste

Light, airy textured crumb

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Baker Recipe

Cold Water 290 gm
Egg Yolk 180 gm
Butter 150 gm
Fresh Yeast 80 gm

Baking Method

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except butter
Mix the dough on slow speed (using a spiral mixer) for 4 mins
Add butter in the dough and further mix on slow speed for 2 mins
Again mix on fast speed for 6 mins
Add the fruits and mix for another 1 min
Dough temperature should not exceed 24 to 26ºC
Bulk fermentation for 60 mins
Scale & Divide the dough 500 gm
Put rounded 500 gm balls in Panettone Paper Moulds
Final proof for 3 hours
Score & add butter and other decoration on top
Baking temperature 180°C
Baking Time Approximately 35 mins

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