Complete mix to prepare delicious churros in minutes

Swiss Bake’s Spanish Churro Mix is a complete mix for preparing authentic Spanish fried-dough choux pastry. Classic fried churros have a nice crispy golden exterior with a soft and chewy interior. They are traditionally showered with cinnamon sugar and enjoyed with hot chocolate dip or topping. 

With our classic churros flour mix, you can make delicious churros within minutes. Our simplified and consistent recipe just requires you to add boiling water and ensures that you get perfect output in every batch.  

The key to get consistent quality and flavour profile lies in the selection of the appropriate flour. The flour used in our mix is carefully sourced and milled as per the required technical specification for making premium soft pastries like churros, choux pastry etc. 

Use of specialised ingredients in our churros mix ensures that the oil absorption during frying is very low and also increases the keeping quality of the end product.


+ Instant and convenient to use

+ Consistent quality churros

+ Low fat absorption while frying

+ Chewy texture and golden colour

Baker Recipe for Churros

Boiling Water (min 96°C) 1300 gm

Baking Method

Pour boiling water in the mix slowly In steps while mixing on slow speed for about 2 mins
Mix on medium speed for about 8 min to 10 min
Blade / Attachment type Dough hook
Fry at 165°C for about 3 min to 4 min each side or until golden brown
Remove the fried churros and drain them on kitchen paper
Mix some cinnamon and castor sugar together to roll the fried churros
Serve these delicious bites with chocolate sauce
Tips For a chocolate covered delight, dip one end of each churro into melted chocolate coating and place on a cooling rack until set.

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