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How to make Coleslaw Soya Sandwich

Posted Date : 11 Apr 2023
Coleslaw Soya Sandwich Recipe | Prepared by SwissBake® Soja Pan Plus-33
BAKE TIME : 30 mins
PREP TIME : 160 - 180 mins


SwissBake® Soja PAN PLUS 33 - 330g
Refined Wheat Flour- 670g
SwissBake® ENZY X 2D Improver - 5g
Water- 550 to 600g
Fresh Yeast- 30g
Salt- 20g

Ingredients for Coleslaw Filling (500-600g):
Cabbage - 300g
Carrots - 20g
Spring onion - 50g
Red bell peppers - 40g
Light mayonnaise - 150g
Sugar - 2 to 4g
Salt - according to taste 

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce - 250g


  • First make coleslaw filling out of the ingredients mentioned above and refrigerate it. 
  • For bread, place all the SwissBake® Soja Pan Plus 33 along with other ingredients in a mixing bowl
  • Use a spiral mixer, mix on a slow speed for 4 mins and then mix on a fast speed for 6 mins.
  • Bulk fermentation for 30 mins
  • Scale the dough weight to 500gms, intermediate proof for 30 to 40 mins
  • Final proofing for 60 to 70 mins.
  • Bake at 230°C under a falling temperature of 210°C for 30 mins with lots of steam.
  • Once it cools down completely, cut equal slices of bread.
  • Now place the iceberg lettuce on the bread slice apply some veg coleslaw filling and place another slice on top, cut the sandwich into half and serve it cold. 

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