Select from our wide and growing range of European bread mixes which includes multigrain breads, rye breads, Mediterranean breads and specialty breads.These mixes have been carefully formulated by our bakery technologists in our R&D lab based in Switzerland after years of research, to ensure that the products are of the highest quality standards and have the same taste, flavor and texture of authentic European artisan breads.


Premix for brown breads and rolls...read more

Premix for multi-grain bread...read more

Premix for dark multi-grain bread...read more

A unique concentrate to prepare highly nutritious multigrain and multicereal breads...read more

SwissBake® Ciabatta Premix is unique premix to prepare the Italian Ciabatta with lots of holes. ...read more

Premix for authentic french baguettes...read more

Corn Bread Mix...read more

A complete mix to prepare traditional German coarse, heavy and slightly sweet rye pumpernickel bread...read more

A classic rye bread premix for preparing traditional aromatic German rye bread with crispy crust and open texture...read more

A traditional mix for making a lighter version of traditional rye bread with crispy crust and open texture...read more

Sourdough Bread Mix...read more

Concentrated premix for multi-seeded swiss country breads...read more

Swiss style Farmers Bread Mix...read more

German Pretzel Mix...read more

Concentrate for crispy and flaky croissants...read more

French Brioche Pastry Mix...read more

Crusted Italian Pizza Base Mix...read more

Convenient premix to prepare soft, airy American styled pan pizza crust....read more

Sunflower seed Bread Mix...read more

Whole wheat French Baguette Mix...read more

Concentrated Premix for Multi-grain French Baguette...read more

A convenient premix to prepare Mediterranean style two layered flat Pita Breads....read more

Premix for high protein bread rich in whole grains and seeds...read more

SwissBake® NORDLÄNDER is a convenient premix for the preparation of dark rye bread with sunflower seeds...read more

Premix for rich dark multigrain bread with malty taste & aroma...read more

Premix for preparation of Swiss twisted wheat bread and rolls....read more

Mix for best quality and most perfect potato buns and rolls...read more

Complete mix to prepare bran rich whole meal brown bread...read more

Premix for preparation of Soya bread and buns...read more

Complete mix to prepare authentic chimney shaped bread also called chimney cakes...read more

Convenient mix to prepare Panettone, a typical Christmas cake served around the world....read more