Can I use this mix to make regular pancakes ?

SwissBake® Eggless mini Pancake mix has been formulated especially for use in Mini Pancake machine in order to give best results in terms of taste, texture and product profile. We do not recommend that you use this Egg Free mini pancake mix to make regular pancakes although you can use SwissBake® Eggless Pancake Mix for making soft and fluffy Vegetarian Pancakes.

Can I make any other variants using this mix ?

SwissBake® Veg Mini Pancake mix can be used to prepare several different mini pancake variants. Here are a couple of preferred variants you can make using our Eggless Mini pancake mix. | Chocolate mini Pancake: Add 4-6% Cocoa Powder into the baker recipe. | Charcoal mini Pancake: Add 2% Activated Charcoal Powder (Food Grade) into the baker recipe

Can I use milk instead of water ?

Yes, you can use milk instead of water to make SwissBake® Egg Free mini pancakes. The product will have a more milkier taste profile and creamier mouth feel as compared to the variant prepared with water. The proportion of milk to be used is the same as the quantity of water.