Enrich the joy of your celebration this holiday by including Swiss Bake’s specialised festive range of premium bakery ingredients. From the celebrated Gingerbread to the delicious coconut macaroon or the delightful èclair to rich muffin, our range of products will ensure you bake memorable products for your customers this festive season.


Premix for vanilla muffin...read more

A complete mix formulated with the right blend of spices and flavours to prepare the perfect Christmas plumcakes....read more

Coconut macaron Mix...read more

Snow sugar for confectionery decoration...read more

A convenient mix for preparation of naturally coloured red velvet cakes...read more

Mix for preparing wide range of honey cakes & gingerbread products...read more

Concentrate for wide range of yeast raised sweet doughs...read more

Easy preparation of choux pastry goods like eclairs, profiteroles, crullers and churros....read more