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Coffee brownie waffle cookies

Posted Date : 26 Nov 2019
Coffee brownie waffle cookies
BAKE TEMP : 190-200ºC
MIXING TIME : 5 mins
BAKE TIME : 6 mins
PREP TIME : 15 mins


SwissBake® Brownie Waffle Mix - 1000 gm
WATER - 1000 gm
OIL - 100 gm


Prepare the batter using our standard method shown here. Pour a spoonful of batter in the waffle machine. Bake normally, remove the waffle cookies and let it crisp. Enjoy your freshly prepared brownie waffle cookie treats. (Makes about 40-50 Cookies)

For Toppings:
Dip the cookies into melted white or milk chocolate after cooling down while they are crisp and serve them to your customer by coating them with your choice of toppings like simple dusting sugar, sprinkles, sugar balls, M&M, chocolate chips etc.

Baking Tips

Ensure iron is pre-heated to get crispy waffle. You can reduce quantity of water/oil to get a denser plum waffle.

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