How is this product different from chocolate waffle ?

SwissBake® Eggless Brownie waffle mix is different from regular chocolate waffles in many ways. Firstly, it has a richer chocolate mouthfeel as compared to traditional chocolate flavoured waffles. Secondly, Its internal texture is more denser and closer to regular Chocolate brownie. Lastly, its flavour profile is like a chocolate brownie rather than a typical chocolate waffle.

How can I keep waffle crispy for longer duration ?

In order to ensure that the top surface of your Egg Free Brownie waffles remains crispy, it is important to pre-heat the waffle iron to 200ºC before pouring the waffle batter into the waffle machine. You can also keep the waffles crispy for longer by ensuring low humidity in the environment and reduction of water in baker recipe

Can I store the batter overnight and use it the next day ?

Waffle batter can be used upto 18 hrs of making the batter if the batter has been stored under refrigeration. Ensure that you whisk the batter properly before pouring into the waffle iron when stored as there is tendency of water and oil separation during storage