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Wood fired sourdough pizza

Posted Date : 25 Oct 2019
Bake authentic wood fired style sourdough pizza by using SwissBake® Morcote 00 Flour and AROMA-TIC sourdough.
BAKE TEMP : 300-350ºC
MIXING TIME : 10 mins
BAKE TIME : 7 mins
PREP TIME : 90 mins to 120 mins


MORCOTE 00 FLOUR - 1000 gm
AROMA-TIC - 40 gm to 50 gm
ENZY X 2D - 5 gm
SALT - 20 gm
OLIVE OIL - 50 gm
COLD WATER - 600 gm


Use a spiral mixer for mixing. Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Mix on slow speed for 10 mins. Dough temperature should be below 23°C. Bulk fermentation is not required. Scale the dough weight to 180 gm ( for 14-inch pizza) and roll it to form a dough ball and put it in a closed container. Proof it either at room temperature (max 28°C for 60 minutes or refrigerate (4°C - 6°C) for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 20 hours. Roll the dough according to the tray size, top it with desired sauce and cheese. Bake at 350°C to 370°C for 3-4 mins approximately. If you're baking Pan-Pizza baking temperature should be  270°C to 290°C for 8 mins approximately.

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