My frappe is runny/thick how can I make it right?

If the product is runny you’re adding more quantity of milk than suppose to and if its thick you’re adding less quantity of milk/water than recipe demands so always follow recipes and methods which are provided

What if I use fresh ingredients in my recipes? Will the taste of my preparation be altered with your product?

The taste may alter due to fresh ingredients you may use but it will be better and consistent as we use natural flavors and colours in SwissBake® product.

What is the shelf life of frappe mix? What storage precaution needs to be taken once opened?

Shelf life for frappe is printed on packaging and it should be used before as mentioned. Once opened please make sure seal it properly and store it in cool place below 20°C and away from sunlight or any heat generated areas

Can I make a big batch and store it in fridge ?

We recommend making fresh servings for best taste and mouthfeel. Please follow proper recipe written on packet