What is the shelf life of the donuts made using SwissBake® Perfect raised donut mix-Veg ?

SwissBake® Perfect Raised Donut Mix – Veg does not have any preservatives or harmful chemicals added into the mix to extend the shelf life of the mix or the donuts made using this mix. Hence we recommend that the donuts be consumed fresh or within 3 to 4 days if kept in a hygienic environment with temperature below 21°C.

How much oil do the donuts made using SwissBake® Perfect Raised Donut mix absorb?

SwissBake® Perfect Donut Mix - Veg is formulated using special ingredients to ensure that the donuts absorb minimum oil in the process of frying. Currently, the donuts will absorb less than 2% of oil when made using the recommended baker recipe. They will also be soft, light and fluffy after frying.

Is the donut less sweet / salty to taste?

Traditional American style yeast raised donuts have very low sugar content as sweetness is mainly contributed by the toppings. Sugar if required can be added additionally based on preference. Salt is added as taste enhancer. If donut is consumed without toppings it tends to taste slightly salty due to low inherit sweetness.