Is the SwissBake® French macaron mix eggless?

No, this product contains Egg.

How many macaron shells can be made using a 1 kg pack of SwissBake® French Macaron Mix?

You can make 200 standard 2” French macaron shells using SwissBake® French Macaron Mix (1 kg).

Do I not need to add additional eggs to the recipe to prepare French Macarons?

No additional eggs are required to prepare this product. SwissBake® French Macaron Mix is a convenient, complete mix that only requires additional water.

How do I store the partially used opened premix packet?

SwissBake® French macaron mix contains egg powder and almond flour which requires to be stored below 21°c at all times. The opened packet must be sealed properly to avoid exposure to humidity, heat and light.

How long can baked French macarons be stored?

This mix does not contain any preservatives. Baked macarons can be stored at a temperature below 21°C for 7–10 days. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month at temperatures below 4 °C.