Can I use SwissBake® ENZY 300+ bread improver for making burger buns, if yes then please share the dosage?

SwissBake® Enzy 300+ bread improver can very well used for soft breads, soft rolls, buns etc. For burger buns you can use 0.2% i.e. 200 grams of bread improver on 100 kg flour.

How much bread improver to use for 100 kg batch of white sandwich bread?

SwissBake® Enzy 300+ is a bromate free improver that gives white close crumb texture, high volume and increased softness to all kinds of bread. Recommended dosage for best results is 0.3% i.e. 300 grams for 100 kg flour

What is this bread improver composed of?

SwissBake® Enzy 300+ bread improver is a purely enzymatic solution with natural soya flour as carrier. Its key ingredients include GMO free enzymes, vitamin c and soya flour

What are the advantages of using bread improvers?

Bread improvers can effectively improve the stability of the dough during processing as well as fermentation. Bread improvers delay the retrogradation of the starches and thereby increase the fresh keeping and softness duration of the bread. Overall bread improvers improve volume, color, texture and keeping qualities of a bread.