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How to make German Hornchen

Posted Date : 25 Jan 2023
HORNCHEN prepared by SwissBake® Alpha Super Improver
MIXING TIME : 10 mins
BAKE TIME : 15-18 minutes
PREP TIME : 75 - 80 mins


Refined Flour                  1000gm 
Alpha Super                    10gm
Sugar                               100gm 
Salt                                   20gm 
Butter                               100gm
Eggs                                 150gm
Yogurt                               50gm
Milk                                   80gm
Fresh yeast                      50gm
Water(4º-6ºC)                  110-150 gm
Feta cheese, crumbled    500gm
Sesame seed                 for topping


  • Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Use spiral mixer to mix on a slow speed for 4 min and then mix on a fast speed for 6 min.
  • Dough temperature should be maintained between 23°C to 25°C. No intermediate proof required
  • Cut and weigh the dough 150gm and divide into three equal pieces. Fold the pieces into round shape before rolling them.Take the first ball and roll it out into a medium-sized circle.
  • Add 30 gm of cheese in the middle and close the first HÖRNCHEN by pulling together the widest parts of the dough and tucking them inwards giving it a crescent shape. Final proof for 45 min to 50 min at 28°C under 85% relative humidity.Brush the HÖRNCHEN with a egg wash.sprinkle some sesame seeds .Bake at 200°C for 15-18 minutes 

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