For which applications can I use SwissBake® SB Alpha Bread Improver?

SwissBake® SB Alpha Improver is specifically formulated for packaged breads and soft rolls. This bread improver is best suited for Industrial production of buns, soft breads and rolls on automatic lines.

How do I use SwissBake® SB Alpha bread improver in white sandwich bread?

This special blend is designed to perform best when used in varieties of soft breads, buns and soft rolls. You can incorporate SwissBake® SB Alpha improver into the flour in dosages of 0.7% to 1% and further add other ingredients as per your own bread recipe.

What is this bread improver composed of?

SwissBake® SB Alpha bread improver is based on enzymes and unique emulsifiers. This multi-purpose improver can be used in dosage of 1% on flour quantity.

What are the advantages of using SwissBake® SB Alpha bread improver?

SB Alpha bread improver enhances bread softness and imparts good volume. It improves crumb texture and increases shelf life by retarding moisture migration.