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How to make french baguette?

Posted Date : 11 Jun 2020
Bake perfect French style baguette using SwissBake French Style T55 flour and AROMA-TIC
BAKE TEMP : 240°C - 210°C
MIXING TIME : 10 mins
BAKE TIME : 30 mins


AROMA-TIC - 40 gm
ENZY X-2D - 5 gm
SALT - 20 gm
COLD WATER - 700 gm


Use a spiral mixer for mixing. Mix on slow speed for 4 min and on fast speed for 6 min. Dough temperature should be below 24°C. Bulk fermentation for 30 min. Scale the dough weight to 300-350 gms & proof it for 15 mins. Stretch it into a slightly elongate shape.Again proof it for 15-20. Shape it into a proper baguette and again ferment it for 35 min to 40 min at 32°C and 85% humidity. Proof it for 15 mins at room tempertaure. Give light dusting of flour and give proper scoring. Bake at 240°C under a falling temp. of 210°C for 25 min to 30 min. with high steam.

Baking Tips

1. To achieve the proper baguette texture your dough should be hydrated well, high levels of hydration ( from 65% to 75% ) results in better texture | 2. To really get those best flavours from your baguette, fermentation should be slow i.e longer time under lower proof temperatures. | 3. Always preheat your oven before baking. Baguettes require a very hot oven and a blast of steam when you load them for baking.

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