What is SwissBake® T55 flour?

SwissBake® T55 flour is a refined wheat flour with strong gluten and medium protein content. A perfect flour for making crusty baguettes, boules or even croissants. It has regulated protein content and granulation size to ensure consistent baking results every time the flour is used for baking.

What’s the protein content of SwissBake® T55 flour?

This strong flour contains protein in the range of 11% to 12%.

What does ‘55’ refer in T55 flour?

The 55 refers to the amount of mineral content that is left after burning the flour i.e. T55 has about 0.55% mineral content. T55 flour is equivalent to Type 0 Italian flour, Type 55 French Flour, Euro 550 flour type and American all-purpose flour.

Does SwissBake T55 flour contain bromate or has it been chemically treated?

All SwissBake® flours are non-bromated, non-fortified and unbleached.