Concentrate for crispy and flaky croissants

Croissant 10 is an enzyme-based concentrated mix that has been specially formulated for making light and flaky croissants and other European laminated baked products. With this reliable concentrate, you can be assured of consistent quality croissants every time you bake.

Making the croissant has more to do with the science of baking then the skill of shaping and lamination. Selection of the right ingredients will have a major impact on the output product.

With our Croissant 10 concentrate preparing crispy, light and flaky croissants become effortless. Our concentrate has been formulated with quality ingredients, which improve the volume, flakiness and dough tolerance. It also enhances the taste and flavor of the butter used to laminate.


Improves volume and flakiness
Enhances butter taste and flavour
Improves dough stability and tolerance
 High concentrated enzyme blend 


Croissants should be prepared in a room with temperature below 26º C
Proper proofing temperature and time is very critical for good quality croissants
Butter used for laminating should be of high quality with low moisture content.

With our state of the art research facility located in Switzerland, we have been successfully fulfilling the evolving needs of the bakery industry by developing innovative tailor-made solutions for high-quality bakery ingredients. 

We are the leading manufacturer; exporter and supplier of Croissant concentrate / Croissant Mix / Croissant Premix  / Croissant Improver in India and it is available across all the major cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata. It is an ideal mix for use in mass production of consistent quality croissants.

Baker Recipe for French Croissant Concentrate

Wheat Flour 900 gm
SB CROISSANT 10 100 gm
Water ( 4º C ) 500 gm - 520 gm
Fresh Yeast / Dry Yeast 40 gm / 15 gm
Laminate Butter ( folding ) 500 gm

Baking Method

Mixing time (approx) 4 min slow & 2 min fast
Dough temperature 16ºC to 18ºC
Freezing 4º C - 6º C for 40 min - 60 min
Folding & Laminating Fold the dough and give laminate Butter ( Temp 20º C )
Folding "Variant A (2 double : 6 mm), Variant B (1 single : 8 mm, 1 double : 8mm), Variant C (3 single : 10 mm)"
Freezing Sheeted dough @ 4º C - 6º C for 40 min - 60 min
Shape Take out the laminated dough, cut & shape as required
Final Proof 30 min - 40 min @ 28º C under 75% humidity
Baking temperature Glaze with egg wash & bake @ 200ºC
Baking time 20 mins approx for 50 gm dough

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