Concentrate for wide range of yeast raised sweet doughs

Powdered concentrate for the production of all kinds of sweet dough varieties. Its a cost-effective solution for consistent quality baking results. Just add fat and sugar to make a soft leavened dough. This concentrate enhances flavour and gives a rich taste to all your baked specialities.


 Versatile concentrate 

+  Excellent volume & softness 

+  Freeze & thaw stable 

+  Maintains longer freshness 

Baker Recipe for German Stollen

ULTRA SOFT 20 200 gm
Wheat flour 800 gm
Sugar 90 gm
Butter 400 gm
Fresh eggs 120 gm
Fresh yeast 65 gm
Water 300 gm
Fruits & nuts 1000 gm
Suggested Fruits & Nuts:
Almonds, sliced 200 gm
Hazelnut, sliced 100 gm
Mixed Raisins 500 gm
Dried Apricot 200 gm

Baking Method

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl
Mix on the slow speed for 3 min
Mix on the fast speed for 8 min
At the end of the mixing time, mix the fruit mix into the dough and again mix on the slow speed for 1 min
Rest the dough for 10 Min Approx.
After resting scale the dough into 200 gm pieces and put it into baking tin
Final proof for 40 min approx
Baking temperature 170ยบ C
Baking time 30 Min Approx.

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