Why do I need to use GLUTEN FREE SA1 BAKING POWDER for gluten free baking ?

Gluten free baking has special requirements from other standard baked goods. It should have all ingredients that are Gluten Free in nature. Sometimes standard baking powders have a small percentage of wheat flour or cereal starches added as carrier to the salts. In GLUTEN FREE SA1 BAKING POWDER no wheat flour or other cereal starch is used.

Is this baking powder single action or double action?

SwissBake® GLUTEN FREE SA1 BAKING POWDER is single action slow gas release leavening agent specially formulated for use in gluten free baking.

What is the shelf life of this baking powder?

Typically, if the baking powder is stored below 21ºC it has a shelf life of about 12 months from date of manufacture. Its strength will slowly start reducing once the product nears the end of shelf life period.