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PZ-50 is an advanced powdered dough conditioner made from ingredients like palm derived emulsifiers, sweet milk whey, and latest enzymes. It makes the dough more stretchable and easier to work with.

This formulation is specially made for use in the preparation of Pizza crusts, Tortillas, piecrust and calzones.


+ Reduces mixing time 

+ Makes dough easier to handle

+ Reduces shrinkage of dough 

+ Gives good texture & color to the crust

+ Produces consistent results

+ No need for adding sugar or salt to your recipe


+ Use flour with a protein level of at least 11.5% - 12%. With lower protein, the dough may lose strength over extended refrigeration, affecting quality when it reaches room temperature.

+ Instant or dry yeast should be suspended and activated in warm water prior to adding it to the dough. Compressed yeast should be crumbled before addition.

+ Apply vegetable oil on the dough balls to prevent sticking and drying of the dough.

Swiss Bake Ingredients is a leading manufacturer, exporter of bakery ingredients and the supplier of PZ-50 dough conditioner (pizza dough conditioner) in India. This concentrated powdered dough conditioner (5% on flour quantity) is ideal for mass production of pizza dough and other variants.

PZ-50 is available across all the major cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Baker Recipe for Thin Pizza Crusts

Flour 100%
PZ - 50 Dough Conditioner 5%
Oil 2%
Water 48 % to 55 %
Dry Yeast 2 %

Baking Method

Scale All Ingredients Into Mix Bowl.
Mix At Low Speed For 4 Mins
Medium Speed For 5 Mins Or Until The Dough Has A Smooth And Uniform Appearance
The Desired Dough Temperature After Mixing 26º C -28ºC
Scale The Dough Into Desired Weight Pieces
Form The Dough Into Round Balls
Fermentation Time 15 Min - 20 Min
Sheet The Dough To Desired Size
Top And Bake As Normal

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