What is the advantage of using SwissBake® PZ-50 dough conditioner?

SwissBake® PZ 50 is a enzyme and malt based improver that reduced preparation time, improves dough handling, reduces dough shrinkage and gives nice browning texture and colour to the baked pizza. It is highly recommended for all pizzerias making pizza’s from scratch.

Can I use PZ-50 for making any other products besides pizza’s?

Yes, you can use PZ-so not only for making pizza’s but it can also be used for making tortillas, pie crusts and calzones.

Can I alter the dosage of PZ-50 to tweak the results that I am achieving while baking?

No, you should not increase or decrease the dosage of PZ-50 as its dosage has been made keeping in mind the ideal proportion of necessary enzymes as well as salt in the end product.