What’s the difference between SwissBake® Morcote 00 pizza flour and normal good quality refined flour?

SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour is a professional pizza flour formulated and milled using best wheat blend, especially for long fermentation doughs. It’s elasticity, perfect granulation and high-quality protein makes it a culinary essential for consistent long rise dough.

What kind of pizza’s can be baked using SwissBake® Morcote 00 pizza flour?

It’s ideal for classic Neapolitan pizza made using high heat wood fired oven. This flour is best used for any long rise pizza recipe. It gives good stability during longer fermentation and improves the dough handling. However it can be used for all kinds of thin crust or pan pizza’s.

What is the gluten content and shelf life of SwissBake® Morcote 00 pizza flour?

SwissBake® Morcote 00 pizza flour has 11% - 12% maximum gluten content. Higher gluten than this can make your pizza heavy and dense. This flour can last for about 3 months under room temperature (below 24ºC and low humidity) and 6-8 months in fridge provided it has been sealed properly to avoid any contamination and stored under hygienic conditions.

What is the best pizza flour to use for long fermentation pizza dough?

Any good flour like SwissBake® Morcote 00 pizza flour, that is strong, elastic and has right granulation is ideal for making long fermentation pizza dough.

Can I use SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza flour for making Pastas ?

SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza flour is a fine high gluten flour made especially for pizzas. It is not recommended for making pasta.