Is this natural or uses artificial colours and flavours ?

SwissBake® Eggless Red Velvet Waffle mix uses natural betroot powder for colouring and parmesan cheese powder is used to impart a cheesy mouth feel to the product.

My waffles are sticking to my machine, what should I do?

Waffle machine plates tend to lose their non-stick coating due to repeated usage and accumulation of carbon particles on the plates surface. Regular maintenance and proper usage will ensure that your waffles come out perfectly well. Additionally SwissBake® Egg Free Red Velvet Waffles may stick to plate due to following reasons. | 1. Under baking or Over baking. | 2. Temperature difference of more than 5ºC between top and bottom plates of machine. | 3. Batter is very light (due to more water / oil in baker recipe)

What is the ideal plate temperature to bake this waffle?

In order to bake the perfect SwissBake® Egg Less Red Velvet Waffle you need to preheat the waffle iron to upto 200ºC. You can bake the waffles at temperature between 190ºC to 210ºC for best results.