Why do I need SwissBake® Rustic Décor?
SwissBake® Rustic Décor is a special mixture of seeds and cereal that has been formulated for use as decoration for Rustic and artisan breads. Its selected combination of seeds has been carefully thought out in order to ensure that the taste and flavor profile of the baked product is highlighted and the décor is never overpowering.
Can I use SwissBake® Rustic Décor as seed mix for making multigrain bread?
SwissBake® Rustic Décor has been made specially for the purpose of decoration of Rustic and Artisan breads. It is not recommended to be used as grain mix for making multigrain breads.
What is the packaging and SKU of Rustic Décor?
SwissBake® Rustic Décor is available in 5kg SKU and 20kg mother bag packaging (5kg x 4 packets).