What are the possible applications of SwissBake® Sunflower Seeds?
SwissBake® Sunflower Seeds are special baking grade large size sunflower seeds that have been pre-roasted to enhance its taste and flavor profile. They can use used for the following applications ** Added to the bread dough to make sunflower seeded breads ** Used for decorating the top surface of the bread dough prior to baking ** Can be used in other food preparations like salads
What is the shelf life of SwissBake® Sunflower seeds?
SwissBake® Sunflower seeds have been hermetically sealed to impart good shelf life so they can be used in upto 12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored under 21ºC at all times.
What is the packaging and SKU of Sunflower Seeds?
SwissBake® Sunflower Seeds are available in 5kg SKU and 20kg mother bag packaging (5kg x 4 packets).