What is the textural profile of the brownie-style brookie cookies?

Brookies baked with SwissBake® Brookie Mix feature a textural symphony of gooey-centered decadence, crisp-soft bite of cookies and chewy fudgy richness of brownies, all with a signature cracked top.

Can I customize SwissBake® Brookie Mix with additional ingredients?

Absolutely! SwissBake® Brookie Mix serves as a versatile base for creating your own unique brookie flavors. Feel free to add your favorite nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits, or other flavorings to personalize your brookies that complement well with the rich chocolate base.

How is SwissBake® Brookie Mix different from regular cookie or brownie mixes?

Unlike traditional cookie or brownie mixes, SwissBake® Brookie Mix offers the perfect balance between the soft-crisp charm of cookies and the fudgy chocolatey richness of brownies in one delightful treat. It's specifically formulated for fusion baking, providing an effortless way to create this innovative confectionery dessert.