What is the difference between blondie & brownie?

Brownies are rich, chocolatey, fudgy with a dense crumb & moist-chewy texture, while blondies are similar in texture with a soft bite but have a vanilla or caramel flavor profile without chocolate. Essentially, brownies are chocolate-based, whereas blondies are not.

What are the expected key qualities of blondies made with SwissBake® Blondie Mix?

Blondies made with SwissBake® Blondie Mix effortlessly feature a dense crumb, moist-soft texture, rich mouthfeel and a short bite. These qualities capture the essence of traditional American-style blondies.

What are the suggestive flavour variants with SwissBake® Blondie Mix?

The versatility with SwissBake® Blondie Mix is limitless. Choose from classic chocolate chips, caramel, peanut butter, crunchy nuts to experimental berry swirls, cookies ‘n’ cream and cheesecake blondies. Craft gourmet or signature variants, our mix offers endless possibilities.

Does the egg-free formulation affect the crumb & texture profile of blondies?

Our eggless formulation does not compromise of taste/texture of original American-style blondies. SwissBake® Blondie Mix is meticulously crafted to deliver the precise balance of ingredients, resulting in blondies with an irresistible dense crumb and a moist-soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Can the blondies be stored made with SwissBake® Blondie Mix?

Absolutely! Blondies made with SwissBake® Blondie Mix can be conveniently stored in an airtight container or freezer-safe bag for future indulgence. Simply thaw at room temperature or reheat gently in the oven for a warm and fudgy treat.