A complete mix formulated with the right blend of spices and flavours to prepare the perfect Christmas plumcakes.

Plum Cake is the most famous dessert linked to Christmas celebration. The celebration is incomplete without this dark & flavorful cake full of nuts and raisins.  SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix offers a simple to use instant cake mix solution. The mix contains the right blend of spices and flavours for you to just add non-soaked fruits and make the perfect Christmas Plumcake. You can use this mix to make eggless or with-egg variants both.


+ A perfect blend of natural spices

+ Contains real fruit juice concentrate 

+ Alcohol-free, quality flavours used

+ Rich & dark chocolate taste with spicy notes

+ No need for pre-soaked fruits & nuts

+ Naturally high shelf life & freshness 

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Baker Recipe for Eggless Plum Cake

Water 550 gm
Veg Oil/Butter 100 gm
Glycerine (Optional) 40 gm
Sorbitol (Optional) 40 gm
Fruits Mix 800 gm
Suggested Fruits Mix (800 gm) for 1 kg mix
Tutti - Frutti 120 gm
Cherry 100 gm
Dates 140 gm
Black Raisins 360 gm
Orange Peel 80 gm
Note For Egg verision plum cake Reduce the water from the above recipe by 20% & replace it with fresh eggs

Baking Method

Blade : Whisk
Place mix and water in a mixing bowl
Mix on slow speed 1 min
Scrap the batter and mix at high speed 3 min
Add oil and mix again at slow speed 1 min
Add liquid Sorbitol and Glycerine and mix again at slow speed 1 min
Add fruits / spices and blend manually
Pour the batter into baking tin
Baking Temp 160ºC to 170ºC
Baking Time 60 min or until baked
Cool in wrapped aluminium foil and consume atleast after 24 hours

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