Do I need to use pre-soaked fruits for making plum cake using SwissBake® Plum Cake mix ?

SwissBake® Spicy Plum cake mix is specially formulated mix for making premium plum cakes that does not require any kind of pre-soaking of fruits that are to be used for making the plum cake. It uses specialised ingredients that naturally impart the characteristics of pre-soaked fruits in the baked plum cake.

Is this mix for making Eggless Plum Cakes or with Egg Plum cakes ?

This unique SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix is made in such a way that the same mix can be used to prepare regular plum cakes and its Eggless variant as well by using a tweaked recipe. Both recipe’s will yield excellent results in terms of moist and flavour profile.

What is the shelf life of the plum cakes?

Although SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix does not contain any chemical preservatives, Plum Cakes prepared by using this mix has a natural shelf life of approximately 3 months if stored at room temperature in an airtight container. It can be stored for 6 months or more under refrigeration.

Does plum cake made using SwissBake® Spicy Plum cake mix have alcohol in the end product?

No, SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix is formulated using all-natural egg less ingredients and also without alcohol. A special blend of spices and natural flavours are used to derive the rich, dark look with fruity taste profile and subtle spicy notes.