Can I make a savory variant from SwissBake® Easy Kurtos Mix?

Kurtos is typically a sweet bread and mostly recommended for serving sweet products however you can avoid sprinkling of castor sugar on the Kurtos to retain a less sweeter taste profile which can be used for serving savoury products.

What kind of mixer is required to prepare the dough for Kurtos?

We recommend preparing the kurtos dough in a spiral mixer with dough hook (Spiral Blade) attachment.

How long and at what temperature I need to bake the Kurtos before they will be ready?

Kurtos made using SwissBake® Easy Kurtos Mix should be baked in rotating Grill oven generally at about 200ºC – 220ºC for about 6-8 minutes until the kurtos are golden brown in colour.

Can I freeze the Kurtos dough for later use.

Yes, you can freeze the kurtos dough for later use however strictly do not freeze or refrigerate the mix below 18ºC as there are critical enzymes in the mix which will be destroyed if frozen.