What is the product profile of SwissBake® Lavender Berry Cake mix?

SwissBake® Lavender Berry Cake mix is a one of its kind complete mix to prepare Lavender Berry cake that has aroma of wild lavender flowers with the flavor profile of blueberries. Its subtle and unique combination of taste and flavor makes it ideal for using it in a variety of innovative end baked products.

What kind of products can be made using SwissBake® Lavender Berry Cake mix?

This mix can be used to make Lavender Berry sponge base for cakes, Cup cakes, bar cake, cake pops and swiss rolls.

Is this SwissBake® Lavender Berry Cake with Egg or Eggless ?

The lavender berry cake mix is available in both with Egg and Egg free variants. This particular product is the Eggless variant.

Is this product Natural ?

SwissBake® Lavender berry cake mix uses Natural colour to impart its unique colour profile, Lavender oil for aroma and natural berry extract to provide its appealing taste profile.

What is the shelf life of the baked Lavender Berry Cake ?

SwissBake® Lavender Berry cake mix does not have any preservatives or chemicals to extend its shelf life hence we recommend that the product be consumed within 1-2 days of baking. In order to keep the product moist for longer duration glycerine can be added and for mould inhibition potassium sorbate or sorbic acid can be added into the batter before baking.