What is the shelf life of the brownies made using SwissBake® Schoko Brownie Mix?

SwissBake® Schoko Brownie Mix - Veg is formulated using all natural ingredients, it does not have any preservatives or chemicals to extend the shelf life of the baked products. Brownie prepared by SwissBake® Schoko Brownie Mix - Veg have a shelf life of approximately 7 days if stored at room temperature and packed well in an airtight container. It can be stored for upto 15 days under refrigeration.

What is the difference between this brownie and SwissBake® Fudgy Brownie Mix ?

SwissBake® Egg Free Fugdy brownie mix and Schoko (Chocolate) Brownie mix are two very different products. Veg Fudgy Brownie is like American brownies and has a richer and denser structure with a crispy top and low rise while the Eggless Schoko Brownie has better volume along with rich chocolaty mouthfeel and a slightly open crumb. Both the products have a high percentage of cocoa inside.