Is the SwissBake® Coco Crème L50 eggless/vegan?

Yes, SwissBake® Coco Crème L50 is both eggless and vegan.

Can I use SwissBake® Coco Crème L50 to create any custard variants like chocolate or strawberry?

Yes, SwissBake® Coco Crème L50 is a versatile base mix for vanilla custard. It can be made into any desired flavour or colour by adding additional flavours and colours of your choice.

What is the difference between SwissBake® L50, SwissBake® M30 and SwissBake® W40?

SwissBake® L50 is a lactose free, Gluten Free and Vegan Instant cold set custard mix while SwissBake® M30 and SwissBake® W40 are regular milk based cold custard mixes. SwissBake® M30 is a creamier and milkier than SwissBake® W40 which is a water-based custard.