How do I use SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder to make whipped cream?

SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder simplifies the process of making whipped cream. Add 1 liter of chilled water or milk to the whipping cream powder and whip until you achieve sweet, stable whipped creaminess. This method ensures consistent results every time, ideal for layering patisseries, garnishing desserts, filling pastries, or enhancing beverages.

What are the benefits of using SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder over UHT whipped cream?

SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder offers several advantages. It can be stored at ambient temperature, providing significant cost savings compared to UHT creams which require refrigeration. The powder form also maintains excellent shelf life without cracking, ensuring stability in displays throughout the day. Additionally, it is 100% vegetable-based with no gelatine stabilizers, appealing to dietary preferences.

Can SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder be used for different applications?

Yes, SwissBake® Whipping Cream Powder is versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you need it for topping / filling / garnishing desserts, enhancing beverages, or creating decorative finishes, our whipping cream powder delivers stable, airy whipped cream with minimal effort and reliable results. By choosing SwissBake®, you benefit from superior quality, convenience, and reliability that enhance your culinary creations and customer satisfaction.