What is the shelf life of the baked choco lava cake ?

SwissBake® Egg Free Choco Lava Cake mix does not contain any preservatives or any chemical to enhance the shelf life of the mix and baked product. If prepared and stored under hygienic conditions the Veg Choco Lava cakes can be stored at room temperature (22ºC-27ºC) for upto 2 days and under refrigeration for upto 7 days.

I am not getting flowing lava at the centre, what should I do?

Eggless Lava Cakes prepared from using SwissBake® Veg Choco Lava cake mix need to be baked at high temperature of about 210ºC for a very short time of about 8-10 min only. If the product has been baked for longer duration or at lower temperature then the core/center will also be baked and there will be no molten lava flowing from the chocolate lava cake. Also take care that if product is re-heated and used, it is only heated for short duration.

What is the yield of 1kg mix ? How many lava cakes can I make ?

The total pre-baking yield of 1kg mix of Egg Free Molten lava cake mix is approximately 1.9 kg. The regular choco lava cup size is of 80 gm hence you can make about 22-24 chocolate lava cakes using this mix.