Pancakes - From The Breakfast Table To QSR

Gone are the days where pancakes were a typical American breakfast topped with maple syrup, fresh fruits or cinnamon butter. Today with QSR bringing traditional foods into the mainstream markets, pancakes have turned into a popular dessert served throughout the day. With limitless topping combinations using the variety of sauces, fresh fruits, nuts, ice creams and more, this latest sensation has successfully managed to reach out to the gastronomes across all ages.

The latest to join this bandwagon are poffertjes or mini pancakes which are little pancake bites sometimes stacked over one another or just spread on a platter served with a plethora of sauces to choose from. These little golden medallions can also be filled with cream cheese, fruit jams or chocolate for a super smooth mouthfeel making them all the more irresistible. Crêpes are another variation of these pancakes which are also growing in popularity. These thin and delicate rounds cooked to speckled golden perfection can be served either by stacking them one on top of another or simply folded and topped with dusting sugar, delicious sauces or fruits. Rolled Crêpes can also be filled with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, cream cheese, fruit fillings, fresh fruit, whipped cream etc. the options are endless!

Even though conventional preparation uses eggs in the recipes, the eggless versions of pancakes with absolutely no change in the taste profile and texture of the product and catering to the vegetarian and vegan section of the society are a hit. The savory variation of pancakes, mini pancakes or crêpes are also an innovative twist to the classic sweet dessert and can be served with the different selection of accompaniments that include cheese, meat, eggs or sautéed vegetables.

The main reason why pancakes are a perfect fit in the QSR model is that they can be premade and rewarmed just before serving with the chosen toppings. This ability to create fusions of flavours and textures has made pancakes an extremely versatile dessert winning over the hearts of many with its delicious combinations of toppings and fillings.

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