Churros - The Future Trend

Traditionally churros are fried dough pastries showered with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Characteristically crispy on the outside and chewy, tender on the inside, these delish sticks are originally from Spain but are slowly moving into the mainstream and has managed to find its spot in multiple places all over the United Kingdom. Gone are the days where churros carts would show up only in fairgrounds and food trucks.
Today the churro has evolved from the humble street food to a niche dessert owing to a lot of innovation and creativity be it tempting accoutrements or visually appealing colours, making for picture perfect Instagrammable shots. They are a significant part of many theme based amusement parks where churros have diversified from the fried dough sticks to delectable treats of different shapes, awe inspiring flavours and colourful, irresistible wands of sugary bliss.
Though it did start out as a breakfast item, churros are now a snack that are eaten any time of the day. They’re easy to make, carry and the possibilities with churros are limitless. Not only can they be shaped in innovative ways but they can also be accompanied with a plethora of dips, sauces and toppings. An outlet of churros can have churro ice cream cups and cones, churro lollipops, colourful or multicoloured churro sticks, churro loops, churros with fillers, churro cream sandwiches, heart-shaped churros, churro cookies and the list is endless, all under one roof. Interesting variations like red velvet churros, oreo churros, pistachio churros, or just plain cinnamon sugar coated churros can be a vibrant addition to the menu. The gluten free, egg free and vegan versions have proved that churros are truly versatile catering to every requisite.
Setting up an outlet keeping the QSR approach in mind is more than easy as a churro takes a mere 5 minutes to fry if the dough is prepared before hand. If the dough is prepared using a premix it only makes the process only faster making it an ideal on the go snack which has a lot of potential to become the next big thing. All it requires is a little bit of creativity and these sweet batons can easily take up a significant market space which is always craving for new and unique treats to indulge in.

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