The Must Have Flours as your Bakery Essentials!

In the culinary & bakery industry, FLOUR is known to set a flourishing foundation of the creation which can either make or break the final result – whether it is delicate patisserie, artisanal sourdough, aromatic pizza base, petite viennnoiserie or a gourmet bread – the choice, type & quality of flour serves a core ingredient!  



From aromatic pizzas, delicate pastries to artisan sourdough & gourmet breads, each baked masterpiece demands a specific type of flour, meticulously chosen to achieve perfection. Let’s decode the spectrum of flours to gain insights towards professional baking and flour mastery: 


Type 00 Flour: The Best Pizza Flour 

• Applications: rustic Italian pizza, pasta dough, Neapolitan pizza flour and flatbread bases. 

• Characteristics: extra-fine granulation, high protein content, superior elasticity and smooth texture 

• Features: perfect for achieving a light - airy crumb and globally renowned for easy pizza dough shaping 


Type 45 Flour: The Pâtisserie and Cake Flour 

• Applications: delicate patisseries, confectioneries and varieties of cakes, sponges & pastries 

• Characteristics: pristine white appearance with a fine granulation, low protein content and soft texture 

• Features: excellent pastry flour and best cake flour, featuring a beautiful visual appeal with a melt-in-your-mouth quality; making it a favourite amongst pâtissiers, pastry chefs & confectioners 


Type 55 Flour: The Best All Purpose Flour 

• Applications: cakes, French breads like ciabatta, brioches & baguettes and range of viennoiseries like croissants, puff pastry and more! 

• Characteristics: Type 55 flour is a staple in professional kitchens & bakeries worldwide, making it the best all purpose flour 

• Features: results in a balanced crumb structure due to its medium protein & moderate gluten content offering a golden crust and soft interior, suitable for a wide range of bakery applications 


Type 65 Flour: The Gourmet Bread Flour 

• Applications: artisanal sourdough breads, multigrain breads and gourmet bread varieties 

• Characteristics: a higher protein content, resulting in superior gluten development and a robust structure 

• Features: excellent rise & structure with an even volume, crisp exterior and chewier crumb  


Type 80 Flour: The Wholesome & Rustic Flour 

• Applications: wholegrain breads, high fibre bread loaves, rustic breads, healthy bread varieties 

• Characteristics: coarse texture, adds depth and complexity to breads; improves nutritional value 

• Features: high in fibre, retains more bran & germ; it offers a rich flavour and wholesome texture to fresh breads 


Type 150 Flour: The Versatile & Wholemeal Flour 

• Applications: artisan breads, crackers, lavash, pastry doughs and specialty baked goods. 

• Characteristics: a coarse textured wholemeal flour and high in gluten content 

• Features: suitable for versatile baked goods requiring a rustic appearance and robust flavor profile 


At SwissBake®, we understand the pivotal role that flour plays in achieving bakery perfection and professional grade results. Our range of specialty flours, including Type 00, Type 45, Type 55, Type 65, Type 80, and Type 150, is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of bakery businesses, professional bakers and dessert masters worldwide.  


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