Swiss Passion For Baking

The Swiss affiliation with baking has been a legendary with small bakeries being marked across the picturesque landscape of this food loving country where passion, hospitality and an uncanny knack for perfection are interwoven into the culinary fabric of Switzerland. Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss are not only connoisseurs of chocolate and cheese but also of breads that form an integral part of their culture with over 200 different varieties. There is a special bread for every occasion with even a special Sunday bread called Zopf bread which is the most famous bread of Switzerland. Every neighbourhood has its own local artisan bakery that bakes fresh warm breads each day which are completely chemical-free and are usually run by families using authentic recipes that are passed down generations. The Swiss passion of baking is experienced in every bite of these breads as attention is paid to every minute detail; right from the local sourcing of fresh, organic raw ingredients to traditional methods of baking. In Switzerland, breads are eaten throughout the day making it a staple food which is why the bakery industry has always flourished since time immemorial. Equipped with modern-day technology and authentic methods of baking, the Swiss have truly mastered this delicate art and continue to mesmerise all with their expertise in the bakery industry.

SwissBake® in association with TradeNBake® Switzerland brings to you the same exhaustive and excellent Swiss know-how for the bakery industry.  -With a goal for providing the best bakery products to the global market, we have created a vast range of fine quality bakery solutions for breads & confectioneries, dough improvisers, speciality flours and desserts
As technical experts in research and formulation, our Swiss counterpart has spent years developing convenient bakery solutions for clients across the globe using the same old Swiss traditional recipes. SwissBake® is the heavenly amalgamation of the exemplary Swiss passion for baking and efficient management systems following global standards.