Introducing India's First & Only B2B E-Commerce Portal for Professional Chef & Bakers

The unexpected advent of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has made procuring bakery ingredients from your local supplier, not only a challenging task but also a risky one.
We at SwissBake® understand this, and in our quest to support and serve Chefs and Bakers in these difficult times, we have come up with a one-of-a-kind B2B bakery ingredients portal which provides
SwissBake® range of European bakery ingredients at your doorstep.
Our site is an e-commerce platform dedicated completely to B2B (business to business) with the look, feel and ease of a B2C platform. Though challenging we have successfully been able to create a comprehensive site for business buyers that takes into account every little detail by means of unique features and tools. Bakers and Chefs are educated exhaustively about each product like its features, key ingredients, recipe, variations possible, to name a few.
An exceptional feature that we have included for each product is the ‘Cost and Yield Calculator’ which is a magic tool for the customers to make their purchase decision based on final food cost. All one has to do is enter the quantity or serving required and you get the recipe, yield and cost of the baked product. The flexibility and ease this tool provides has been widely appreciated by our existing customers as it helps the customer in getting an overall cost estimate of each ingredient as well as the finished product. If the customer is still not convinced with the information given, then with one click, he can order a sample online and get the product delivered to his doorstep.
Another key feature that makes this website stand out amongst others is personalized volume-based pricing that has been pre-negotiated and agreed upon. This means that when the customer logs into the site he will see the price that is specific to his account and this price is dynamic, dependent upon past agreements, purchasing frequency, payment history and order values. The product price also takes into account quantity based discounts and we transfer the freight benefits from large quantity orders to the customer.

A transparent and simple checkout with multiple payment options enables the customer to place orders within a few clicks. The checkout also includes an option to place orders on credit basis against client purchase orders.
Once an order is placed, automatically emails the customer the invoice and keeps sending updates on the shipping status of the order.
Tracking the order in real-time can also be done easily from the customer's login page or by using the track button on the home page.

When the customer logs into his account all his current orders, purchase history, product recommendations, payment-related information are in one place for him to monitor and maintain. Reordering becomes easy due to this transparency making it an efficient time-saving feature.
Customer care is another very important element that we have taken care of by providing 24x7 chat support along with detailed FAQs for any query that our customers might have related to product information or purchase decisions. The site’s robust search engine precisely opens the relevant page being searched for allowing the customer to easily access information with a few clicks.
The flexibility of the sites responsive design allows the customer to work on an array of devices be it a cell phone or a tablet or a laptop making it possible to access the site on the go. empowers the customer to take control through personalization thereby giving us the opportunity to serve and support them in a better way. As a customer-centric company, we have thought of and planned every aspect of this portal that aims to allow professional chefs and bakers to easily browse, learn, manage and order products in an efficient manner helping them save time and improve their overall user experience.