Are you using sourdough in your Pizza?

Sourdough starter is basically a fermented mixture of flour, water and different strains of culture and wild yeast, completely nature derived. Sourdough is a natural method of leavening the dough and has been around for more than 3000 years. A sourdough starter as it is called is used instead of baker’s yeast.

Sourdough leavening methods in Pizza dough impart natural sour flavor and gives a nice golden colour to the pizza crust. It also naturally helps in dough development and makes the pizza light and airy. Professional pizza chefs around the world are adapting sourdough in their Pizza recipes to serve their esteemed clients an unmatched taste and experience.

from SwissBake® is a dry active sourdough starter that helps you conveniently use the dry sourdough powder in any of your pizza dough recipes. Just simply add Aromatic to your flour and water instead of baker’s yeast during the dough mixing and you have an authentic sourdough pizza ready for baking without compromising on taste and texture.

Being clean label and naturally sourced, Aroma-tic is capable of providing the authentic sour flavour profile with a strong rustic aroma to your pizza crusts whether you use it to make New Yorker’s style or slow ferment Italian style pizza. AROMA-TIC natural sourdough starter has been developed for direct usage in any kind of pizza dough irrespective of the recipe or fermentation method.

Even a low dosage (4% on flour quantity) of AROMA-TIC sourdough starter enhances the taste of your sourdough pizza considerably and helps to develop a pronounced aroma in the crumb. This sourdough gives your Pizza a unique flavour profile that cannot be matched by any other ingredients or processes. 

  • Is a low dosage dry sourdough powder
  • Can be directly used during mixing
  • imparts natural sour flavour to the crust
  • Enhanced the overall taste and aroma
 By using AROMA-TIC in your pizza’s, Chefs, Bakers and pizzerias can offer the following benefits to their clients.
  • Create a pizza crust that tastes like a crisp sourdough baguette
  • Impart the pizza crumb with a rustic aroma and open light texture
  • Offer a unique taste and aroma that cannot be replicated by any other ingredient
  • Makes sourdough pizza with truly unmatched taste, texture and aroma profile
AROMA-TIC truly enhances the experience offered by Pizzerias. It creates excellent value for your clients by offering them a truly unique, flavourful and enjoyable sourdough pizza experience. AROMA-TIC is recommended only for professional chefs and bakers who do not wish to compromise on quality and offer their clients an experience that they will cherish and keep coming back for more time and again.

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