Viennoseries, represent a distinguished category of baked goods hailing from the illustrious pâtisserie culture renowned for its buttery mouthfeel, flaky textures and distinctive yet delicate layers, viennoseries encompass an array of delights, including puff pastries, croissants, canelés, financier, pain au chocolat, brioche & more. These pastries are characterized by their meticulous preparation, intricate techniques and unmistakable European flair. 

Viennoseries are synonymous to the dedication to craftsmanship and tradition. Each pâtisserie is meticulously handcrafted using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations of bakers. From the precise folding of dough to the important lamination process, every step is executed with precision and care to achieve the perfect balance of flavour & texture. It is this commitment to excellence that sets Viennese pastries apart, elevating them to the pinnacle of pâtisserie artistry and pastry industry. 

CROISSANTS: Arguably the most iconic of all, croissants are beloved for their flaky, buttery layers and crescent shape. Whether enjoyed plain or pain au chocolat, croissant aux amandes (almond) or savoury ingredients like ham, cheese, croissants epitomize the art of viennoiserie. Croissants is a staple in bakeries worldwide. 
PALMIERS: aka butterfly pastries, palmier is a delicate, flaky pastries made from layers of puff pastry folded and rolled with sugar. When baked, the sugar caramelizes, creating a crisp, golden exterior and a sweet, buttery interior. 
BRIOCHE: With its rich, golden crumb and tender texture, brioche is a versatile delicacy that never fails to impress; whether baked as individual rolls, braided loaves or filled with sweet or savoury ingredients. 
MILLE-FEUILLE: Translating to "thousand leaves" in French, the mille-feuille is a classic French pastry consisting of layers of puff pastry alternating with layers of pastry cream or whipped cream. The top is typically dusted with powdered sugar or glazed for a decorative finish; making it a favourite in pastry shops globally. 
DANISHES / WIENERBRØD: Wienerbrød encompasses a variety of Danish pastries, including cinnamon rolls, twists, and pinwheels, all made with buttery, laminated dough. Danish pastries are a delightful fusion of flaky pastry & sweet fillings such as fruit jams, custard, or cream cheese. 
CANELÉS: originating from Bordeaux, France, canelés are small, cylindrical pastries with a caramelized crust and a tender, custard-like interior. They are flavoured with rum & vanilla and are traditionally baked in copper moulds, resulting in a unique texture and flavour profile. 
FINANCIERS: small, almond-flavoured cakes that originated in France but are popular throughout Europe, including Vienna. They are made with almond flour, egg whites & brown butter, giving them a moist and tender texture with a rich, nutty flavours. Financiers are often baked in small rectangular moulds and are enjoyed as a sweet treat with coffee/tea 
CRUFFINS: a modern twist on traditional pastries, cruffins combine the flakiness of croissants with the shape & texture of muffins, offering a modern baking + fusion baking techniques and innovative pastry experience. 
FRANZBRÖTCHEN: originating from Germany, Franzbrötchen is a small, cinnamon-flavoured pastries made from laminated dough. They are rolled with butter, sugar & cinnamon, resulting in a sweet, sticky filling and a crispy exterior. 
DOBOS TORTE: Another beloved Viennese pastry, Dobos Torte is a multi-layered sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with a caramel glaze. It is named after its inventor, Hungarian pastry chef József Dobos and is known for its striking appearance and rich, indulgent flavours