A unique waffle to celebrate this holiday season

Holiday season is just on the horizon and it is around this time that bakers start gearing up to serve the increased demand for various bakery and confectionery items that are widely consumed during this period. The holiday season is also a time for preparing products that have special significance and contribute toward the mood and celebrations that happen during this time. Plum cake also known as fruit cake or Christmas cake is one such product that has high demand during this season and many bakers bake this product only during certain months in a year. For quick service food outlets serving the likes of waffles and pancakes, offering plum cake however is not a solution that is aligned to their business model. Hence such businesses would simply look at creating a unique holiday experience by simply innovating the toppings or creating new presentation variants that reflect the mood of the season while keeping the base product as the same.  

Looking at the opportunity and potential for offering something really unique, SwissBake® has launched the Spicy Plum waffle, a highly specialized waffle variant that is formulated using the same spices and flavors that make the plum cake such a delightful and enjoyable product. True to its quick service nature, the plum waffle integrates the mouthfeel of a plum cake with the structure and lightness of a waffle. It opens up a whole new range of product variants that can be prepared to complement its truly unique taste profile.  

The plum waffle is an eggless and nonalcoholic product that has a rich dark chocolaty taste with spicy notes. It contains real fruit concentrate instead of real soaked fruits that imparts a  fruity taste to the product. Its strong fruity and spicy taste profile can be complemented by a variety of different toppings like cream cheese, sour cream, various different fruit purees along with fresh whipped cream, coffee cream, etc. Innovative bakers can experiment with this product and create some truly delightful offerings for their customers to experience and enjoy this holiday season.  

You can find out more about the
Spicy Plum waffle by visiting the SwissBake® product page