4 Ingredients to Bake artisan baguette using SwissBake® AROMA-TIC - Active Sourdough Starter

 The artisanal bakery is thriving today as more and more people have started to appreciate and demand traditional breads with a rustic flavour and aroma. While regular baguettes are made using four basic ingredients namely flour, salt, yeast and water, Artisanal baguettes make use of sour dough pre-ferments or sour dough starters for enhanced flavour and aroma.

Though sour dough starters are natural and clean label, they take several days to cultivate and require vigilant care to be kept alive. In our fast paced times, using a dry active sour dough starter not only adds convenience and reduces fermentation time but also gives you authentic artisanal breads with superior flavour and rustic aroma.
SwissBake’s Aroma-tic is a natural dry active sour dough starter that is formulated by using a unique three step fermentation process followed by gentle drying. Baking artisanal baguettes using Aroma-tic will give you a traditional French bread with excellent flavour, rustic aroma and a crunchy golden crust that your customers will relish till the very last crumb.

Below is our recommended recipe for making artisan French baguettes using SwissBake® AROMA-TIC
Baker Recipe:
FRENCH STYLE T55 FLOUR       1000 gm 100%
AROMA-TIC 40 gm 4%
SALT 20 gm 2%
WATER 700 gm 70%
Baking Method:
Use a spiral mixer for mixing. Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Mix on the slow speed for 4 min and on the fast speed for 4 to 5 mins. Dough temperature should be between 24°C or 26°C. Bulk ferment the dough for 30 mins. Scale the dough weight to 300 gm & stretch it into a slightly elongated shape. Intermediate proof for 30 mins, shape it in a proper baguette and again ferment it for 35 to 40 mins at 32°C and 85% humidity. Bake at 240°C under a falling temperature of 210°C for 25 to 30 mins. Bake it with lots of steam.
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