6 Bakery Trends to Boost your Business this Festive Season

Trends come and go, while classics always stand strong, however, bakery & culinary businesses that stay in-sync with the trends and build reputation have a chance to thrive and grow massively. Here are the top trends bakers should follow this festive season!

1. Smaller Portion Size/Tiny Treats
Ironically, the smaller the serving size, the more profit your bakery will make. Making bite-sized goodies is trending for a reason, they give clients the chance to explore several variations, flavours, and alternatives of the same product while also helping them achieve their nutritional and fitness goals. Besides, smaller servings increase output by reducing wastage. Additionally, one can bake tiny-sized delights of nearly all sorts of confections & sweets, including brownies, cookies, macarons and even pizza pieces, breads, and much more.  

2. Fusion & Hybrid Creations with Unexpected Flavours
Fusion foods are just the ideal opportunity to showcase your uniqueness, skills and innovative creations to your customers. By experimenting on various flavour parings and food varieties one can create unlimited variety in their menu using only a few basic products. Besides, bakers can also appeal to a larger consumer segment with fusion offerings as it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the preferences & demands of the consumers. With a little creative experimentation and by featuring fusion treats, bakers can truly standout and the festive season is just the right time to do so!
Some trending festive and fusion treats are brookie (brownie + cookie), cronuts (croissants + donuts), macarengies (macarons + meringue), scuffins (scone + muffins), macaronuts (macarons + donuts), croclèir (èclair + croissants) and much more.

3. Natural Ingredients, Appealing Colours & Unique Presentation
Consumers are inclined to celebrate special occasions by making them memorable. When it comes to cakes and sweets, consumers favour confetti, sparkles, seasonal flavours, and are more receptive to novel concepts that merge well with the theme & presentation. Theme focussed baked items with distinctive native flavours or special textures such as sourdoughs, croissants, choux pastries, or pull-up cakes, macarons, cupcakes made using natural ingredients and colours have better appeal.

4. Low-Sugar, Healthy Fat, High Protein Mixes
“Gluten-Free, High Fibre, Keto, Lactose-Free, High Protein, Rich in Nutrients, Low-Sugar” are trending items for guilt-free consumption. As the perspective shifts towards healthier consumptions, the obsession for diet-specific options is here to stay & grow. Professional bakers & businesses need to understand the growing wellness trends in order to grow, and the festive season is the perfect time to introduce healthy options to your consumers.

5. Plant-Based Variants / Vegan Foods
Plant-based baking in its most simple terms is the complete omittance of animal-based products. Baking sweet & savoury products includes the use of milk, eggs & butter, but there has been a growing demand for plant-based food & beverage mainly because of its health benefits and to eliminate animal cruelty, improve sustainability and environmental safety. For bakers, pâtissiers & chefs developing an entire menu from plant-based products can be a significant challenge. However, offering a few exclusive plant-based items during the festive season is a proactive step to get along with the trend which is soon forecasted to be a huge market in the F&B industry by 2030.

6. Menu Labelling & Focus on Nutritional Profile
Health, diet and fitness has gained attention and focus. It has become increasingly important for consumers to make mindful food choices during consumption. Nutritional labelling on menus and food items is becoming a mandate as consumers try to regulate dietary consumption and develop healthy food habits.
Using a variety of different ingredients makes it difficult to track nutritional information. To standardise nutritional profile, bakers are now preferring use of ready mixes for preparing specialised products like high protein breads, high-fibre breads, or mixes fortified with vital vitamins & minerals or using natural ingredients.