Boost your sales by adding plum cakes in your festive offerings

With the festive season of 2019 just around the corner, it is a known fact that plum cakes are one of the key products which will help to boost sales and in turn make your business reach its pinnacle. We believe every F&B business owner must get ready and include plum cakes in their festive product offerings. Whether you own a bakery or a cafe, this product has proven to be the key to boost sales in all the segments of the F&B industry. As per reports and insights, the sales in the festive season increases by up to 20% to 25% from the basic monthly sales of a business in the F&B sector. The bakery segment is well-aware of these fundamentals and takes maximum advantage of this during the festive season. However, there are certain segments which fail to realize this and do not include plum cake in their offerings making them loose out in gaining a considerable amount of market share. Below are the segments which can add plum cakes in their festive offerings at the beginning of October and can also enjoy a share of the pie in the growing demand of plum cakes.
CAFE - Plum cakes are an excellent accompaniment to coffee and can also be sold off-the-counter or delivered to the doorstep.
ONLINE - The growing online purchasing trend has led to a lot of customers to buy from online stores. Addition of baked plum cakes on such platforms will prove to be extremely beneficial as busy schedules make it difficult for many to bake from scratch.

DELIVERY - The cafe and the QSR segment can take advantage of the increasing popularity of food delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato and sell their plum cakes on these intermediary companies.

In order to prepare the perfect flavourful plumcakes, you have to prepare the ingredients which primarily include the soaking of the fruits in alcohol for approximately three to six months. Understanding this complexity of preparation, SwissBake® has developed the perfect plum cake mix which is a unique complete mix formulated with the right blend of spices and flavors to capture the heavenly amalgam of dried fruits and nuts in this English fruit cake.

SwissBake® Spicy Plum Cake Mix offers a simple to use instant cake mix solution.
  • No need for pre-soaked fruits and nuts
  • Alcohol-free and quality flavors used
  • Naturally high shelf life and freshness (stays fresh up to 3 months)
Enrich your customer's experience and boost your sales this year by adding the flavourful plum cake in your product offerings.