The Science of Pizza Craftmanship

Pizza, a global culinary icon, is much more than a delectable array of toppings on a baked crust. The fundamental essence of an exquisite pizza experience relies in its base – the dough while the foundation if an iconic pizza is dependent upon its finest ingredients – the pizza flour.
Beyond its delectable toppings, the cheesiest cheese and tangy pizza sauce lies a scientific masterpiece waiting to be explored: the pizza dough. For authentic pizzerias, accomplished pizza chefs, culinary enthusiasts and dedicated bakers, the science behind perfect pizza dough, particularly when coupled with the esteemed Type 00 Pizza Flour.
The Pizza Pantry Essential: Type 00 Flour
Type 00 Flour, a staple in both traditional and modern kitchens, is the key to uncovering the science behind exceptional pizza dough. Type 00 Flour, with its fine consistency and controlled protein level, is an excellent choice for creating the base of pizzas ranging from classic Neapolitan to traditional Italian-style, from hearty American slices to new gourmet flatbread creations. What makes this flour a standout in the creation of pizza dough?
- Protein Elegance
Type 00 Flour's regulated protein content results in a dough that is supple and easy to manipulate. For skilled pizza chefs, this characteristic is essential when stretching and shaping dough to perfection.
- Hydration Harmony
Achieving the right hydration level in dough is a science in itself. Type 00 Flour's fine texture allows it to efficiently absorb moisture, resulting in dough that is both soft and malleable. This balance between moisture retention and workability empowers chefs to create their desired texture, be it a crispy base or a chewy centre.
The Science of Glutenous Stretch & Art of Pizza Shaping
The stretch of pizza dough is a delicate interplay of gluten. Gluten, a protein complex formed when water interacts with the flour's proteins, imparts structure and elasticity to the dough. In the realm of Type 00 Flour, the fine particles create a dough that is smooth and supple. Its regulated protein content minimizes gluten formation, resulting in dough that stretches seamlessly – perfect for crafting thin, pliable crusts emblematic of authentic Italian-style pizzas.
Creating the Perfect Pizza Crust and Base

The science of pizza dough, paired with Type 00 Flour's finesse, is a convergence of artistic vision and chemical understanding. Precise ingredient measurements, calculated protein network manipulation, and patient fermentation yield a canvas for culinary brilliance. As the aroma of freshly baked pizza envelops the senses, it's a testament to the harmony of culinary tradition and scientific precision that only Type 00 Flour can provide.
MORCOTE® 00 FLOUR by SwissBake®

From traditional pizzerias to innovative pizza chefs, from premium restaurants to passionate bakers, the science of pizza dough serves as a shared passion. And with SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour as a core ingredient, the science of pizza dough transcends becomes an exploration of taste, texture & technique in authentic pizza making.
Named after the picturesque village of Morcote in Switzerland, SwissBake® Morcote 00 Flour defines the time-honoured traditions of flour milling with the precision of modern techniques. Our flour serves as a testament to the union of culinary heritage and scientific precision that only Type 00 Flour can deliver. Here are the key features of our beloved and trusted Morcote 00 Flour:

The Versatility at its Finest with SwissBake® MORCOTE® 00 PIZZA FLOUR
For pizzerias/restaurants/pizza chefs/ bakers seeking to redefine their craft and establish themselves as experts of excellence in a competitive and ever-demanding culinary industry, SwissBake® Morcote 00 Flour is celebrated for its fineness and versatility and is a cornerstone ingredient that has revolutionized the world of pizza-making. Its significance extends beyond traditional pizzerias, where different pizza styles & flatbreads are crafted to perfection.

Traditional Neapolitan Pizzas
  • Our Morcote 00 Pizza Flour is the catalyst for the characteristic soft, charred crust of Neapolitan pizzas, with a long tradition of recipes and flavours. The Neapolitan pizza, known for its soft and elastic texture, requires a flour that can embrace prolonged fermentation.
  • With striking balance between gluten–protein ratios and delicate texture supports simple hand-stretching, which is essential for creating a thin, tender, Neapolitan crust.
  • The flour's delicate granulation ensures easy dough handling, allowing for the swift, skilled hand stretching that defines this classic style.
  • Our flour produces the ideal balance of crispness and softness when baked in wood-fired ovens or even without having the need to invest in it with SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour, you'll capture the essence of Naples right in your kitchen.
Mamma Mia with Authentic Italian Pizza
  • Italian pizzas encompass a diverse spectrum of regional flavours and techniques.
  • Type 00 Flour, with its adaptability, proves to be the ideal foundation for these creations. Morcote 00 Flour's delicate texture allows for the formation of distinct crusts tailored to each regional tradition.
  • The blend of premium wheat varieties, combined with the flour's impeccable protein quality, ensures that your Italian-style pizza crusts maintain their signature balance of crispiness and chewiness.
  • From the traditional Margherita or a thin-crust Roman pizzas to the thicker crusts of Sicily, this flour helps you achieve the ideal Italian experience across all pizza styles.
American/New York-style Pizza Slices
  • American and New York-style pizzas are known for their generous toppings and foldable slices.
  • Morcote 00 Pizza Flour lends its expertise to create a dough that strikes a balance between chewiness and crispness.
  • The flour's unique blend enhances the crust's hearty texture while maintaining the elasticity required for a satisfying foldable slice. With its distinct protein profile and thoughtful granulation, this flour ensures your American-style pizza slices achieve that desired combination of substance and bite.
  • This harmony of attributes allows the dough to support a plethora of toppings and pizza slice variations without compromising on the distinct chew that defines the American pizza experience.
Flatbreads: Global Delicacies
  • SwissBake® Morcote 00 Flour’s versatility extends beyond pizza to a wide array of flatbreads enjoyed around the world.
  • From Mediterranean-style focaccia to Indian naan, this flour's finely milled texture ensures that flatbreads attain a delicate, airy quality.
  • The softness of the dough, coupled with its ability to absorb moisture effectively, results in flatbreads that are light yet satisfyingly moist.
  • Type 00 Flour's ability and adaptability to various culinary traditions and techniques enables chefs & bakers to craft flatbreads that are a perfect accompaniment to global cuisines.
Pizzettes: The Miniature Pizza
  • Pizzettes, those delightful miniature pizzas, are a showcase of precise craftsmanship.
  • SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour transforms these bite-sized delights into gourmet treats.
  • Its carefully balanced formula, enriched with natural enzymes, ensures even baking and ideal texture.
  • Whether served as appetizers, elegant snacks or party treats, our flour ensures consistent results that impress.
With SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour, you can explore the world of pizza like never before. From the burning ovens of Naples to the bustling pizzerias of Italy and the iconic New York-style slices, our flour preserves the spirit of each pizza style while allowing you to express your culinary originality or elevate your flatbreads and create show-stopping pizzettes. We are successfully influencing 15 million (and counting) pizza creations worldwide with SwissBake® Morcote 00 Pizza Flour, the right pizza base for your pizza kitchen and where tradition meets innovation!