My waffles are sticking to my machine, what is wrong ?

Waffle machine plates tend to lose their non-stick coating due to repeated usage and accumulation of carbon particles on the plates surface. Regular maintenance and proper usage will ensure that your waffles come out perfectly well. Additionally SB Veg Golden Waffles may stick to plate due to following reasons. | 1.Under baking or Over baking. | 2. Temperature difference of more than 5ºC between top and bottom plates of machine | 3. Batter is very light (due to more water / oil in baker recipe)

My waffles are getting soggy quickly, what should I do ?

In order to ensure that the top surface of the waffles remains crispy, it is important to pre-heat the waffle iron to 200ºC before pouring the waffle batter into the waffle iron. Waffle can also be kept crispy for a longer time by ensuring low humidity in environment and reduction of water in baker recipe.

How long can I use the waffle batter after mixing ?

Waffle batter can be used upto 18 hrs of making the batter if the batter has been stored under refrigeration. Ensure that you whisk the batter properly before pouring into the waffle iron when stored as there is tendency of water and oil separation during storage.

Can I make any waffle variants using this mix ?

SwissBake® Eggless Golden Belgian waffle mix can be used to prepare several different waffle variants. Here are a couple of most preferred variants you can make using the Veg Golden waffle mix. For Chocolate Waffles – Add 4-6% Cocoa Powder into the baker recipe. For Charcoal Waffles – Add 2% Activated Charcoal Powder (Food Grade) into the baker recipe

What is the ideal baking time and temperature to bake SwissBake® Golden Belgian Waffles?

For the perfect Eggless Golden Belgian Waffles pre-heat the waffle iron to 200ºC. Actual plate temperature needs to be maintained between 190ºC – 210ºC while baking. Bake the full waffle for 6-8 Min and half waffle for 3-5 min or until steaming stops.