What is T45 flour and is it different from ‘Maida’?
SwissBake® T45 is a special French styled Type 45 flour that is soft & fine and perfect for making high quality cakes and sweets. Its gluten content and granulation has been carefully regulated to give excellent and consistent results in cakes and confectionery. ‘Maida’ is a generic product available in the market and its technical parameters are not carefully monitored for specific applications.
What’s the protein content of SwissBake® T45 flour?
This cake flour contains protein in the range of 7% to 8%. It is finely milled using soft wheat varieties with lower protein content.
Is SwissBake® T45 flour bleached?
No, we do not use any bleaching agent like peroxides or chlorine to whiten this flour. It’s completely natural and clean label
What are the advantages of using this flour?
Being finely milled and lower in protein, this flour gives your cakes light, fine crumb texture with short & soft bite. It’s a perfect cake flour for sponges, pastries, brioche and cake varieties.